Poetry of Programming

By the twists and turns of life, I ended up teaching math and computing in Liberal Arts education. This is a humbling experience, since I have to re-evaluate my view of my chosen fields. I love almost all aspects of Mathematics, but this is just my personal preference, so I have to think about which parts have universal appeal and are useful for students who may not pursue a STEM career.

According to the zeitgeist, at some level programming should be part of most curricula (though one can easily disagree). What programming language to teach? Well, of course the cheekiest one, Clojure! Though again, it may be loosing its novelty appeal as it is moving towards to just being an efficient tool in software industry. But I have tons of arguments for Clojure as a first language. Then, what textbook to use? Now there is a problem. The basic assumption of programming books is that you are aspiring to be a programmer. For my current audience this is not true. So teaching the infrastructure of software development is not needed, and indeed it would be quite a barrier for those interested in coding just as an intellectual adventure. Here is my attempt to develop a course for Clojure with minimal tooling.




Akita, the land of rice. This course is being developed at AIU.

UPDATE: The course will be offered in 2017 Spring and 2018 Winter semester.

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